The Rabbit Motif in “US” by Jordan Peele

The rabbits that are present in “US” by Jordan Peele have a much larger meaning throughout this movie than to just look cute and fluffy. They are repeated throughout this movie so much that they are used as a motif to mean something larger. The rabbits typically symbolize rebirth which fits with the tethered clones wanting to start a new life on the surface. They are also used as test subjects , representing how the clones are an abandoned experiment in the “under world.” Rabbits also are an animal of duality: they can be cute and cuddly but also menacing. They have scissor like ears which shows similarity to the clones weapon of choice. There is also the question of whether the clones had to free a rabbit in order to gain their own body control. This was proposed by the fact that all the rabbits are shown in cages in the beginning when none of the clone shave their own control, but by the end they are all free and all of the clone shave escaped to the surface because of their own control.

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